Vegan, faux tuna salad

I stocked up on canned foods, pasta, rice, beans and wine in preparation for my social distancing during the coronavirus threat. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but as I quickly realized, if I was indeed stuck at home for three weeks, I was going to be on a high carb diet with no fresh fruits or vegetables.

Why didn’t I buy anything fresh? Because I also made the assumption that in this new Armageddon-like world, electricity and gas wouldn’t work either! I will brave the elements and make another stop at the grocery store this weekend, but I did wonder what kind of recipes you could actually make with canned foods.

To my surprise, there are actually quite a few sites with canned food recipes, I’ll leave it to you to google them.

I realized that one of my all time favorite, easy and simple recipe was a perfect one make during this time...drum roll..."Faux Tuna Salad" made with canned garbanzo beans! Here's what you need:

Can of garbanzo beans




Japalapeno Chile


Pepper Drain beans and place in microwavable bowl. Nuke those suckers for a minute so that they are soft enough to mash with a fork.

Chop up tomato, onion and chile. Toss into bowl with garbanzo beans.

Toss in Vegenaise, salt and pepper to taste.

Toast some bread and make yourself a "tuna" sandwich! Now maybe this isn't the healthiest or low in carbs thing to eat, but it's vegan, delicious and makes for a great comfort food!

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