Why is losing weight hard as you age?

You are doing exactly what you have always done – eating healthy and exercising regularly – however, the pounds (or kilos!) have started creeping in, and the fight to get or maintain a good waistline is getting harder and harder for you. Unfortunately, when you hit a certain age, there a number of factors that make the weight loss journey tougher. Some of these factors include?

  1. Muscle loss. As you get older, you tend to lose muscle. Muscles burn more calories as compared to fat, and thus with fewer muscles, it will be harder for you to use the calories that you are consuming.

  2. Stress. An increase in stress has been directly linked to weight gain. Stress increases the levels of ghrelin in your body – this is a hormone that makes you hungry and increases fat storage.

  3. Slowing metabolism. Metabolism slows down with age, and this means that you will burn fewer calories as you age and store more fat.

  4. Hormonal changes. A drop in the levels of estrogen in women who are in their 40s will result in weight gain. Similarly, when a man turns 40, his levels of testosterone drops, will lead to weight gain.

This isn't to say that it can't be done. It just takes some extra effort on our part. Incorporate strength training into your workout routine to keep your muscle mass. This will hep you burn more calories. Eat more protein!!! It will keep you fuller, so you can stick to a clean, healthy diet that includes fruits, vegetables and multigrain foods. In addition, drink a lot of water - you need hydration! Yes, it's harder, but it's not impossible!


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